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Dependable Heating Services Throughout Gatineau and Pontiac Area

We now carry the Fujitsu line of high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioner systems

For a new trustworthy energy-efficient heating system. Énergie Eardley Energy can help you keep your home warm all winter. Our full-service staff of qualified specialists are here to address any situation involving your home's heating system. We are there for consultation during regular business hours. We are a quick call away for our customers, so get an estimate now and never struggle with your heating again.


Heating Installations and Repairs

We have been in the business for over 17 years and have gained professional experience in maintaining and repairing heating systems. We offer many installation and repair options including:

Heating Installations and Repairs

  • Gas furnaces

  • Electrical furnaces

  • Elec/gas unit heaters

  • Heat pumps

  • Electric boiler

  • Air conditioner and heat pumps (Fujitsu line)

Hydronic Zoning

Managing your indoor living room temperature with hydronic zoning is easy, it helps in conserving energy in the long term. With hydronic zoning, sufficient heating can be achieved. When it comes to zoning a current hydronic system, you have a few alternatives. You can zone using thermostatic radiator valves, which have been popular for years, attach to a radiator or baseboard or use a thermostatic cartridge rather than an electric motor to drive the valve operation. Énergie Eardley Energy has a full range of products, including pumps, valves, zoning controls, sensors, switches, and more. We use advanced technology that reduces the cost of installation a lot.

Stay Cozy and Warm Indoors

We will help you in getting the perfect heating unit for your home.

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Service Area

  • From Gatineau to Pontiac area

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